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Torq Technical Academy

Since its founding in 2011, Torq Engineering has been a trusted name in industrial training. Torq is dedicated to providing high quality training classes to the Rocky Mountain region. Our courses are easy to understand, practical and hands-on.

We customize our classes to cover the material desired in the time allotted. 

Every student receives comprehensive training materials on a USB memory stick and a certificate of completion. Take a look below at our training classes.

Torq will mentor your staff to improve technician skill levels. Past students frequently reach out for help with unfamiliar data.

Contact us to discuss your training or mentoring needs.

Vibration Training


Vibration testing is the primary means of testing industrial machines for excess levels of vibration which shorten equipment life. And for detecting the low energy vibrations caused by bearing and gearing wear.

Vibration testing tools span the gamut of simple vibration pens to high end route based instruments to on-line and wireless monitoring devices.

If you have or want vibration testing at your facility, Torq will educate you to make the best equipment decisions and uses for your facility.

Electric Motor Maintenance Training


Our electric motor testing and troubleshooting class covers a wide spectrum of energized and de-energized electrical testing to detect issues with windings, insulation, rotors, power quality, loading and more. It can include other topics such as vibration, lubrication, bearings, alignment, balancing and more.

Learn what you and your vendors can do to verify motor quality, extend the life of your machines and prevent unexpected down time.

Infrared Training


Infrared cameras are inexpensive and effective tools for quickly identifying electrical and mechanical issues in industrial facilities.

Learn how to use an IR camera including the tips and tricks and how to avoid the pitfalls.

The course has many hands on demonstrations and photos of real world issues.

We can even do a survey of your plant equipment as part fo the training.

Ultrasound Training

ultrasound pd.jpg

Ultrasound testing is an intuitive technology which allows technicians to hear sounds in a higher frequency range. The primary benefits are that airborne ultrasound is very directional making it possible to hear and locate issues like air or vacuum leaks in noisy plant environments. And structure borne ultrasound does not travel as far from its source again making it possible to hear and locate mechanical issues with bearings, gearing, valves, steam traps and more.

Our course covers a wide range of uses for both airborne and structure borne ultrasound.

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Randy Keener - Trainer

Randy Keener Photo.jpg

Randy Keener has a BSEE degree from LeTourneau University and graduate studies in electrical engineering and business at George Washington University, University of Colorado and Colorado State University.
Randy spent the first 5 years of his career designing and testing satellite antennas for Lockheed Martin. Randy then spent 24 years with Baker Instrument Company and SKF focused on test instrument design, manufacturing, sales, training and field testing to industrial clients including motor manufacturers, motor repair shops and end users of motors and other electrical apparatus. 
Randy started Torq Engineering located in Denver, Colorado in 2011. Torq provides consulting and training services on electric motors and other rotating equipment. Torq’s customers include power plants, mines, water utilities, steel mills, food and beverage producers, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, motor shops and other industrial clients primarily in the Rocky Mountain region.

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