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Testing Services

Since its founding in 2011, Torq Engineering has been a trusted name in condition monitoring. Torq is dedicated to providing high quality testing services to the Rocky Mountain region. Our reports are easy to understand and actionable. Take a look below at our testing capabilities. Contact us to discuss your testing needs.

Vibration Testing


Torq Engineering is a trusted name in the vibration testing industry. We provide on-site route based testing and remote monitoring services. Contact Torq to learn how we help clients detect mechanical issues in rotating equipment and prevent unplanned down time.

Electric Motor Condition Monitoring


Torq Engineering has the most knowledgeable and skilled electric motor testing and troubleshooting personnel in the Rocky Mountain region. We provide thorough de-energized and energized electrical testing of rotating equipment.

Infrared Surveys

Circuit Breaker 7.png

Torq Engineering provides infrared surveys of electrical cabinets for commissioning of new equipment and annually as mandated by most insurance companies.

Ultrasound Testing

Pump Testing 2.png

Torq Engineering does airborne and structure borne ultrasound testing. Structure borne ultrasound testing complements vibration testing. It is also used for steam trap surveys. Airborne ultrasound is used for air or vacuum leak surveys in noisy environments.

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